Treasures of the past

Foksal 13/15 is a unique example of Warsaw's architecture from the belle époque. In the magnificent interiors of the tenements, one can appreciate the works of best 19th century craftsmen and artists.

In one of the staircases, extraordinary paintings featuring puttos, which were a popular motif in the Renaissance and Baroque art, have survived until today.

Beauty and elegance of historical architecture

Behind the elegant facades of the Foksal 13/15 tenements, there are splendid courtyards and grand staircases, decorated with colorful polychromes, Carrara marbles, beautifully sculpted portals, and hand-forged balustrades.

The 4-meter-high palace apartments could compete with aristocratic residences, and their magnificent interiors boast an impressive wealth of nearly 100 historical patterns of stucco and 20 mosaic floors.